The Palo Alto Judo Club (PAJC) is one of the oldest and most recognized judo clubs in the Bay Area. The judo club was established in 1952 and has produced many champions and outstanding judokas. The students have learned to use the disciplines of judo to perfect themselves, to cultivate trust and respect from others, and to make positive contributions to society.

PAJC’s senseis (instructors) volunteer countless hours to teach judo to students of all ages. All the senseis bring with them many years of experience and expertise in all aspects of Kodokan judo. Class instructions and practices emphasize tradition, technique and safety.
As we move into the next fifty years, Palo Alto Judo Club will adhere to Hamai and Kitaura Senseis’ teachings, which include discipline, hard practice, and dedication to learning judo, and becoming better people.

11/10 update: The Palo Alto Judo Tournament will be held tomorrow, 11/11."
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