Flavio Canto Seminar

Flavio Canto, 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist, held a well attended seminar at Chuck Jefferson's Judo last Saturday, January 16th. He showed his newaza expertise, which he is well known for.



2016 Awards and Promotions

Below are the 2016 Awards and Promotion recipients

Coach’s Award
Winner: Leopold Blanchez
Winner: Allison Yu

Monthly Shiai Award
Winner Junior Division: Asher Rabin
Winner Junior Division: Abigail Ozarov
Winner Intermediate Division: Milo Forbes

Most Dedicated Award
Winner: Daniel Kazarov
Runner-up: Annika Bai
Runner-up: Sophia Bai

Achievement Award
Winner: Corbin Balitactac
Runner-up: Akiko Balitactac

Most Improved Award
Winner: Michael Kim
Runner-up: Helena McDowell

Kitaura Fighting Spirit Award
Winner: Ashley Wang
Winner: Minoo Kim

Mohansai Award
Winner: Erwin Gonzales

CENCO Award - Most Outstanding Intermediate Female Competitor
Winner: Akiko Balitactac

CENCO Award - Kikuchi Memorial Spirit Award
Co-Winner: Akiko Balitactac

Annika Bai (Yellow)
Sophia Bai (Yellow)
Leopold Blanchez (Yellow)
Omeed Kasnavi (Yellow)
Naveed Kasnavi (Yellow)
Sarah Mascarenhas (Yellow)
Abigail Ozarov (Yellow)
Eric Shubert (Yellow)
Ashley Wang (Green)
Erwin Gonzales (Brown)
Morgan Lashley (Brown)
Corbin Balitactac (Black)
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