Marti Malloy

What does it take to be a Judo Olympian?

Marti Malloy Red Nose Picture

Marit takes a red nose picture with Corbin and Akiko.


Marti Malloy Clinic & Fund Raiser

Marti Malloy's Clinic & Fund Raiser for both Kids and Teen/Adults sessions were well attended. The Teen/Adult session was attended by judokas from Silicon Valley, UC Santa Cruz, Cahills, and Palo Alto Judo.


Marti Malloy Clinic & Fund Raiser

Marti Malloy is holding a clinic and fund raiser on Sunday, November 22nd, at Silicon Valley Judo in San Jose. Kids' session (8 to 12 year) from 10:00 am to 11:30 am Teen/Adult session 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.


Isao Okano Sensei, 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist and 1967 & 1969 All Japan Champion Leaves for Japan

Okano Sensei held his last day of practice at San Jose State University today after sharing his judo knowledge with the SJSU team for almost a month. Seeing him off with the SJSU Team and our own Corbin, Akiko and Julie Sensei (not in picture) were Uchida Sensei, 10th Degree Black Belt and SJSU coach, Mike Swain, 1988 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Marti Malloy, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist, and Kieth Nakasone, 1980 Olympic Team Member and Colton Brown, 2015 World Judo Team Member


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